Coconut Grove No Longer Accepting New Toilets Because the Sewer System is About to Blow

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If you're looking to install a new toilet in Coconut Grove, don't hold your breath. But you might have to hold some other things while you're waiting.

Miami-Dade County has denied several applications to install new toilets, sinks and showers in the neighborhood since August because, well, our sewer system is dealing with way more than it was intended to at the moment.

From The Miami Herald:
The Blonde Tulip's was one of 12 permit applications to add a sink, toilet or shower in Coconut Grove that have been denied since August, when the county put a moratorium on any new sewage outflow to the main pump station that serves the neighborhood.With higher-than-average summer rains seeping into the county's aging pipe system, and more raw sewage flowing through than it was designed to handle, Pump Station #9 has reached capacity.
Don't worry, though. Pump Station #9 is getting repaired, but it will take about 18 months and a $1 million dollars.

Though, this could just be the tip of the solid waste iceberg for Miami-Dade's aging sewer system.

The Huffington Post warns an "underwater sewage pipe from Fisher Island to Miami Beach is so fragile it could rupture any second, spilling waste along some of the most expensive and publicly-used shoreline in the county."

We could be heading for the poopocalypse!

CBS Miami also reports that the bill to fix the entirety of the county's sewer and water system could be $1.1 billion.

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This is What Voters Get When they Re-Elect Do Nothing Deadbeat Inept And Corrupt Politicias Like Marc Sarnoff.  Voters Don't Vote For Incumbents Always Vote For The Challenger.


The problem isn't the toilets, the problem is all the big, fat obese slobs making huge dumps after over eating...garbage in-garbage  out......

drakemallard topcommenter

can't fix rickety sewer system because their no money. but the miami marlins get a new ball park on tax payer dime.”What more do you expect from a Banana Republic like Miami-Dade? Get your priorities in order or soon you'll be drowning in your own waste....both literally and figuratively.


Republicans have been in full charge of Florida for a good number of years. Why isn't it a GOP utopia with jobs for everyone and plenty of money falling from the sky?



shit just got real...


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