Conservative Radio Host Edward Woodson Pleads Guilty to Running Marijuana Grow House Out of Miami Shores

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If you've ever tuned into 880 The Biz, you might have heard conservative radio host Edward Woodson railing against President Obama. If you've ever smoked weed, it might have been grown in Woodson's home.

Yes, according to, Woodson recently pleaded guilty to running a grow house and was sentenced to three years of probation. Yet he remains on air.

Back in 2010, Woodson was arrested for running a marijuana growing and distribution operation out of NE 92nd Street home, but the arrest didn't make much news. He's now pleaded guilty to two felonies, but will avoid jail time. Though, the first year of his three-year probation will be served on house arrest.

Woodson is not an employee of WZAB-880 The Biz, but rather pays for air time. His show runs at 7 a.m. on weekdays.

That doesn't mean his show hasn't attracted high profile guests. SNL star turned Tea Party activist Victoria Jackson, conservative director Dinesh D'Souza, director Bill Corben, and various political candidates and right wing journalists have appeared on the show according to his website.

Woodson's website claims he's a "Lawyer, Real Estate and Stock investor, Actor, worldwide Model and Entrepreneur."

We guess pot growers are technically entrepreneurs, and indeed he does have a modeling portfolio.

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what a great example of just how biased & unfair prohibitions laws are, this guy's rich n connected so he only gets house arrest no real jail time. nice. obama's a constitutional what?



 You are so right. What a bunch of bull shittake. If ordinary people like you and I were growing mary jane and got caught, clank-clank ta-taaa....You will see your family in 12 years 

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