Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Tonight's Debate: "We'll See If Paul Ryan Owns Up To The Facts... Or Runs Away And Lies"

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaks to Riptide
Mitt Romney absolutely manhandled Barack Obama during last week's first presidential debate. First, the Mormon Miracle-worker stunned the Prez by flip-flopping on his $5 trillion tax cut for the rich. Then he flogged Obama with falsehoods until Big Bird silently wept off-stage. But tonight's vice presidential debate is a whole 'nother ballgame. At least that's what Democrats are hoping. South Florida congresswoman and DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz says that Joe Biden is going to flip the script on the disastrous first debate.

"I expect Joe Biden to show up and talk about what's important, about continuing to move our economy forward," she says. "As for Paul Ryan, we'll see whether he continues the say-anything-to-get-elected pattern that he and Mitt Romney have fully embraced in this campaign."

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"Both Vice President Biden and Congressman Ryan are experienced, excellent debaters," Wasserman Schultz continues. "They are going to come together and talk about the important issues of the day. The big question is going to be whether Paul Ryan continues the lies that Mitt Romney clearly engaged in from last week."

"Paul Ryan's speech at the convention was widely criticized for being patently dishonest," she points out (as we did). "So, is he going to continue to run away and lie about their $5 trillion tax cut plan that increases taxes on the middle class? We'll see if he owns up to the facts that he and Mitt Romney have a plan that turns Medicare into a voucher system and increases premiums for seniors by more than $6,000."

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Wasserman Schultz also weighed in on the steaming pile (our words) of a performance Obama left on stage last week.

Jacob Katel
Mitt Romney lied his ass off during the first debate. Will Paul Ryan continue the trend tonight?
"It was kind of astonishing that the only example Mitt Romney could give of something that he would cut... was NPR and firing Big Bird," she says. "The respect that he gave this problem was a throw away line."

Despite the first debate, the congresswoman -- whose District-20 stretches from Fort Lauderdale down to Miami Beach -- says she isn't worried about polls that now show Romney with a lead in Florida.

"We've always known that this was going to be a close election," she says. "Florida always goes right down to the wire. I expect it to be exactly that way over the next [month]. We are an important battleground state."

"I think the choice is going to be very clear for Floridians," she adds, "and President Obama will win Florida once again."

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Debbie is not a mormon but she sure is a moron.  The crap that comes out of he mouth unbelievable! How many times in a conversation mkust she say "... the millionaires and billionaires".


How does this no talent ass clown troll have a job?  She is one of the dumbest people in the democratic party.  She is blind to the facts, it shows you how unintelligent are the people who put this nitwit in office.  I think it was a terrible move to put her in charge.  


@MiamiNewTimes @dwstweets Deb, you can have your own house, your own car, but you can't have your own facts!

drakemallard topcommenter

On the dangerous and cruel streets of Liberalville, an unsuspecting Willard Romney is in trouble!

He knows it's time to call for . . . Deficit Hawk-man!

Mild-mannered Paul Ryan by day, becomes a hero for oppressed millionaires everywhere when he gets the call!

Ready to tackle the deficit with his bold, brave Libertarian-Teapublicanism, Deficit Hawk-man can lift tax benefits for the wealthy over the tallest sky-scraper . . .

Cutting taxes for rich people and corporations: more than Romney, more than George W. Bush!

With Deficit Hawk-man, the deficit will be toast in . . . in . . . in . . . thirty years or so.

Trained in the intricate and scholarly ways of deficit-reduction, Deficit Hawk-man witnessed the evils of deficit spending when he voted yes on:

-two unfunded wars, -the TARP bailout, -the auto bailout, -the two-thousand-eight stimulus, -and the largest Medicare expansion in a generation!

Deficit Hawk-man can instantly transform into a catfish-noodling, deer-skinning man-of-the-earth . . .

Then proceed to travel into the future and eliminate medicare as we know it for all future-elderly!

All while making quick work of Medicaid, food stamps, and college loans!

Deficit Hawk-man has brawn and brains-- unleashing specific plans backed by specific imaginary numbers transmitted directly to his brain from Planet Rand!

At long last, Willard Romney has a hero with personality, passion and plans!

[Mitt: "Thank you, Deficit Hawk-man, you complete me."]

Deficit Hawk-man! A hero to Mitt Romney's everywhere!

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