Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Rode in Critical Mass on Friday

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Critical Mass Miami's rampant success speaks for itself, but this is Miami, so things tend not to register until there's some bold-face names involved. Well, on Friday night Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade and his Hollywood boo Gabrielle Union joined the bike activist ride, which obviously now means that Critical Mass is officially the hottest place to be on the last Friday of every month.

You didn't think that Wade would let LeBron hog all the bike cool points to himself, would you?

Wade posted a photo of him and Gabby at the event on his Instagram.

Yes, Dwyane Wade takes part in bike activist events and posts photos on his Instagram. If only he was riding a fixie we'd have to declare him the biggest hipster in the NBA.

Union also posted a photo at the event, and declared it "THE MOST FUN IN MIAIM!" Yes, in all caps, so you know that enthusiasm is genuine.

Now, before you accuse D-Dwade and Gabby of crashing in on some fad, Wade posted a picture on Saturday of the pair in a bike shop with the caption "We bout that life."

So there you have it. Critical Mass is the hottest even in Miami, and Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are the most perfect couple ever. But you probably already knew both things.

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Anyone who participates in critical mass should seriously consider not "corking" or encouraging the practice.Not only is it against the law, but it is dangerous and causes altercations with motorists.Corking is not sharing the road and sends the wrong message.


Thanks to Dwayne and Gabrielle for purchasing their bikes at Lee's Bicycle Shop!


I've never rode in a C.M. ride but would like to some day.As i understand the whole point of the rides is to raise awareness for bike riders in general,weather you are a casual rider or ride for sport.Not every bike rider in Miami is riding a 2,000 bike or sporting Lance Armstrong attire,some of us are on are way to work or out for a casual ride.I hope that by D.Wade lending his celebrity to the ride it helps bring some real awareness to cyclist and to the Critical mass movement.Motorist are rude to people on bikes,people on bikes are rude to motorist in fact people on bikes are rude to people on bikes(When passing always call out "ON YOUR LEFT").The signs on the side of the road that read "BIKE LANE" are exactly that.Please be safe out there,on the road be mindful of each other,show some respect and be courteous.


@shainaaabeth gah!!!! Wish we'd seen them!


jj colagrande is a smart man 

jjcolagrande topcommenter

CM is awesome but it's also getting really big and the pace up front is too fast. It's not a race. If the Mass gets splintered, like it has been, the ride becomes moot, and it's only a manner of time before someone gets hurt.

Wes Cowan
Wes Cowan

& they were mad chill about it, eating Empanada after the we were all done & just hangin with everyone... very cool. #HeatNation

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