Fight Over Chicken Nuggets Leads to Domestic Violence Arrest in Florida

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We all know that when it comes to chicken nuggets, emotions tend to rise high, but, as with everything, those delicious little meat nibblets are never, ever, ever an excuse for domestic violence.

John J. Valentin of West Melbourne, Florida apparently got so upset when his nephew cooked too many chicken nuggets that he knocked his sister to the floor.

According to Florida Today, police arrived at the family's home and investigated the situation. The boy told police that his uncle had become upset when he cooked too many chicken nuggets.

Valentine, 19, got into a fight with his sister, the boys' mother, and was apparently so upset he hit her and knocked her to the ground. The fall was so hard the woman was unconscious and had to be taken to the hospital.

Valentine fled the home, but was caught by police a short time later. He told police that his sister was standing too close to him. When he asked her to move away she hit him, and apparently he decided to retaliate.

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@merwolf @MiamiNewTimes // Is it the heat or the water down there??? <g>


@MiamiNewTimes This reminds me so much of Trailer Park Boys.'Thanks Julian those chicken fingers were eight bucks, they were store bought'


@Keelotan @miaminewtimes - I only wish I knew so we could sell it.

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