Five Reasons Why Obama Supporters Should Be Sort of Happy About Last Night's Debate

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Even Barack Obama's biggest detractors admit that the man is a gifted orator. So the nation was left slack jawed last night by his weak performance. It was like watching LeBron James get schooled by Kyle Korver or something.

In the day-to-day horse race, it certainly doesn't look good for the Obama campaign, but, let's remember, American elections are marathons, not sprints. In fact, there's some good reasons why Obama supporters shouldn't be feeling totally dejected, and Romney supporters shouldn't be resting on the laurels of one debate.

1. Romney had the gaffe line that went viral.
Half the reason people even tune into these is in the hope that someone says something totally bizarre or stupid. Sadly, neither candidate delivered debate gaffe gold like "you forgot Poland," "rumors on the Internets" or "that one," but Romney had the line that went viral by declaring, "I love Big Bird" but saying he wants to cut funding to PBS. Of course, people quickly fired up Photoshop and seized on the line.

Obama himself even riffed on the declaration today, telling an audience in Denver, "Thank goodness someone is finally getting tough on Big Bird." Right now this debate is being hailed as Romney's big comeback, but it may go into the history books as the one with Big Bird.

2. George W. Bush lost all his debates and still managed to win reelection.
Granted, the world was just pleased when Dubya managed to put coherent sentences together with correct pronunciation, but even with low expectations he was still deemed the loser of all three debates back in 2004. Didn't matter though, he still went on to reelection. In fact, there's a common line of thought among pollsters and political sciences that debates don't even matter that much.

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without some college kid writing his speeches to read of a teleprompter, Barack Obama is just an empty headed puppet.


Romney lied the entire debate.  Lying faster than the fact checkers could tweet he was lying.   Ridiculous.

drakemallard topcommenter

liberal politician turned moderate turned conservative turned pro life.Mitt Romney’s not running a cautious campaign; he’s running from tough questions.  Running from his record of flip-flops and avoiding controversial stands doesn't amount to presidential leadership.Mitt Romney loves to throw people off his path. Now he believes in this, now he doesn't. The world may never know.He will have to check with his corporate sponsors for the appropriate response, then cross check with polling of his base, and then confirm the best way to word the answer with his team of corporate marketing experts.In many circles he is a good business man, in others he is a man who broke other men down by closing their companies, these men lost their insurance, lost their pensions and lost their income, to top it off the govt. had to step in with millions to save their retirement income they worked for so many years to save. He's a flat out liar, never have I heard or seen so many flip-flops

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

You have it all wrong.   It was because of the Altitude that Obama stunk up the joint.  That is what AlGore said.


I am serious.  He said that.


"Obama was going to wipe the floor with Romney like he did with McCain in 2004"


2004 you say?

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