Florida Teen Found With Pot in Genitals, But Says It Wasn't Hers

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It's just a good rule of thumb to keep inanimate objects that don't belong to you out of your body orifices -- especially drugs.

Vida Golac, an 18-year-old from Golden Gate, Florida, was found trying to smuggle marijuana into jail inside of her genitals, but claims that the drugs weren't hers. She was just holding them for a friend.

A Collier County Sheriff's Deputy stopped a car that was drifting between two lanes. Inside the car was Golac, the driver and another passenger. The deputy also discovered marijuana in the backseat, according to The Naples Daily News.

Golac protested that she was a medical student on scholarship and that the drugs weren't hers. She told the deputy to ask the other two in the car, but they denied ownership of the pot, so only Golac was arrested.

Golac protested that the deputy was "ruining her life," because she would lose her scholarship. She maintained that the drugs weren't hers.

Once in jail, though, authorities discovered additional marijuana hiding inside of her genitals.

Golac said that even the marijuana found, uh, inside of her didn't belong to her and she was just trying to protect her friends. You know, the same good friends who denied owning the pot in the first place.

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too bad for the young lady,but thats the best those big time collier police can do,thats why bal harbor cops were there to extort money from big drug dealers,give them donuts.


HAve to wonder if it was stink weed?


@JamminJohnny957 del jevo

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