Garage Collapses at Miami Dade College's West Campus UPDATED

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A parking garage at Miami Dade College's west campus in Doral collapsed unexpectedly today. The garage was under construction, and according to NBC Miami, no students were injured. However, several construction workers might be trapped under the rubble. At least one person was carted off on a stretcher. Update: One person has died.

via NBC Miami
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Miami-Dade Fire Rescue officials have responded to the scene, and it appears that several construction workers have received medical attention.

Authorities confirm that they believe several construction workers might be trapped beneath the rubble.

At least one person was seen on local TV news helicopter coverage being taken away on a stretcher.

Update: Miami-Dade Fire Rescue has confirmed that one person has died in the collapse. Two other workers are stuck under the rubble. Rescue workers are communicating with the workers through cell phones.

The remaining trapped workers are both believed to be a live, with one stuck in a truck underneath the rubble. 

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Liz Tonya Otero
Liz Tonya Otero

Could the explosions in the area have anything to do with that? Houses near 41st and 115 Ave have been feeling like an earthquake almost daily, near that new construction.

Ked Killjoy
Ked Killjoy

i pray that the other workers get out safe.

Eric Perez
Eric Perez

building threshold inspector and contractor are not sleeping well tonight.


@tlack oh STFU maybe you are just butthurt that you couldn't finish your college there.

Bill Brock
Bill Brock

Who was the contractor who built this defective structure? Criminal negligence would be a quite normal proceeding in this case.


@MiamiNewTimes must have had MDC students building it

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