Miami Dolphins Fans: Here's The Jeff Ireland-Hating Parody of Eminem's "My Name Is" You Never Knew You Wanted

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It's 2012, not 1999, so we're not really usually in the market for YouTube-hosted parody songs of Eminem's breakout hit "My Name Is."

But then again, those parodies usually don't expertly roast Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland.

Because Miami Dolphins fans are secretly some of the most bizarre and eccentric in all the NFL, there's a bit of an anti-Ireland cult movement dedicated to on-again/off-again Dolphins guard Ray Fienga. It's called "We Are All Ray Fienga" AKA #WAARF. The poor guy has been cut from the team four separate times by the Dolphins under Ireland's management.

And, for some reason this has lead to a string of parody songs released under "#WAARF Records."

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You motherfuckers are retarded.


could'nt have put it better manny...the video was stupid, no truth to it, just oozing stupitidy and showing no knowledge of the dolphins operations since parcells came to town and built a disaster that ireland has been fixing since parcells accepted he was a failure and bolted

Manny Alvarez-Jacinto
Manny Alvarez-Jacinto

he found someone that passes the eye test as a legit franchise qb for the next 15 years, have been more competitive than we have been in years, are scoring points (fucking tired of the not-playing-to-lose mentality we had with parcells/sparano), currently have one of the best defenses in the nfl right now, have a receiver that has been leading the nfl in receiving yards for the past two weeks, and people are still bitching about ireland. im done thinking these "fans" are just misguided, they're fucking stupid. only gripe with ireland is that he didn't tell that fan to go fuck himself a little louder.


@Eminemfanssclub when is eminem coming to south africa?

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