Miami Ranks Third on List of Cities With Most Spoiled Kids

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An average family will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars raising a kid up until the age of 18, but that number might be significantly higher in Miami. According to an analysis by, Miamians spend the the third most on their bebés behind only two New York City boroughs.

"We examined spending by households with children at stores that sell toys, clothing and other services for tots, kids, and teens," Bundle explains of its rankings. "We identified all locations for which had a reasonable sample size, and determined the average spend by these households over the past three years. Then we ranked cities based on the percentage spend above or below the U.S. average."

Turns out Miami spends 58 percent more than average on kids, at least according to Bundle. Manhattan came in first, spending 90 percent more. Brooklyn was second, spending 67 percent more.

Fort Lauderdale came in 10th on the list, though they only spend four percent more than the national average.

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Picasso Esp
Picasso Esp

It doesn't have anything to do with all the illegal caine running through Miami does it...Uh I'm just and illegal activity that goes on in Miami...Lets be real...drugs built miami and still running strong so I don't wanna hear that bs oh we care about our kids more blah blah blah...that's BS...It's the money floating around un accounted for currency.

Kimberly Martin Arauz
Kimberly Martin Arauz

So much to do, so many buissness cater to our children, we will go bankrupt just to see them smile.

Sergio F. Maldonado
Sergio F. Maldonado

Not surprised...this is the city where people rent alligators to display them in your pool at your kid's birthday party... The last thing I saw is a business renting ferry wheels and other rides (fair type of rides) to kids parties....wasn't the bounce houses enough??

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