Miami Rapper Bizzle Shot And Killed At Liberty City Car Wash

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Robert Labranche, AKA Bizzle
On the 305 hip hop circuit, Bizzle was known as the veteran rapper behind strip club favorites "Lip Biting Animal" and "Naked Hustle." In his native Liberty City, the 37-year-old -- who's real name is Robert Labranche -- was a familiar character who opened a corner seafood eatery.

Last night, Labranche got into an argument at a car wash that ended with a hail of gunshots, killing the musician on the spot.

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Labranche drove to a car wash on NW 54th Street near 8th Ave. around 8 p.m. last night with his two young kids inside his SUV, the Miami Herald reports.

A few minutes later, gunshots sounded and a black man in his twenties wearing all black was seen sprinting away from the scene. Police arrived moments later to find Labranche dead in the car wash, surrounded by emotional family members who had been nearby when the shooting broke out.

"This is someone who was definitely loved in the community," Det. Willie Moreno tells the Herald.

Labranche was born and raised in Liberty City, according to his online bio, and endured a childhood of poverty and crime.

"Miami was a very tough place during those times, especially as a child. I knew what it felt like to eat out of the trash," he wrote on his Myspace page.

As a teen, Labranche says he repeatedly ended up in juvenile detention and jail and survived by embracing Miami's music, from 2LiveCrew to Gloria Estefan.

He started rapping as Bizzle in 2000, founding his own label, Chowtime Entertainment, and released his most popular song, "Lip Biting Animal," in 2006. 

Here's Bizzle performing the song for a Miami Beach High crowd:

Anyone with tips about Labranche's murder should call homicide detectives at 305-603-6350 or Miami-Dade County Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477, Moreno says.

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Nomejodas Pleez
Nomejodas Pleez

He was co-owner of that car wash and his babies were in the car...another life lost by sensless violence!!! KEEP THE PEACE!!!

Lynne Dear
Lynne Dear

WHAT THE HELL was he doing in Liberty City????????????????


No, He didn't stay in Miami anymore , he was there just collecting rent from the building car-wash and store he owns


collecting rent from the buildings hi own


RIP tho. but Naked Hustle was a bigger song. Matter fact a classic

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