Seven Workers at Airport Café Versailles Arrested

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Seven women who work at the Miami International Airport outpost of a local institution have been arrested this morning. The women all worked at Café Versailles in Terminal D at the airport, and all are accused of pocketing cash from the register.

Global Miami J.V. operates the concessions and restaurants in MIA, including two outposts of the famous Cuban Calle Ocho eatery Versailles. The company owners started suspecting that cash had gone missing from the register.

So a surveillance camera and a computer program that tracked sales were set up. Sure enough, there was enough evidence to suggest all seven women were in on a scheme to steal cash.

"They were putting money in their pockets," Christopher Descalzo, a partner in Global Miami, told NBC Miami.

The evidence was turned over to cops, and now all seven women face charges of theft and organized scheme to defraud.

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In case anyone actually cares about the facts, these (underpaid) workers are accused of doing nothing more than selling their $9 daily meal tickets and keeping the cash rather than using the tickets on (overpriced) meals. SFW? No one is accused of having pocketed more than $300 so the total "stolen" is at most about $2,000, if even that. Those are grounds for the police making a mass arrest and media buffoons portraying these workers as menaces to society? Save your moralizing for the owners of Versailles and Global Miami J.V.  who have been busted for non-payment of wages in the past. Were the owners of Versailles and Global Miami J.V. arrested for those thefts of workers' money? Were they depicted as delinquents in the media that aims to sensationalize rather than inform? Why aren't the owners of David's Cafe in jail and their mugshots splashed all over TV screens in town? Because they're wealthy and connected to influential local politicians? They are currently engaged in a fight with workers on South Beach whom they stole $74,000 in wages from. Great business owners in Miami.

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