Sex and Drugs in the Champagne Room: The Truth About Porky's and Other Miami Strip Clubs

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Michael E. Miller
A stripper at Mons Venus in Tampa, where -- unlike Porky's -- dancers are just dancers
"No matter what a stripper tells you," Chris Rock once sang, "There's no sex in the Champagne Room." Rock had obviously never been to a strip club here in Miami. As this week's feature on notorious Hialeah strip club Porky's shows, there is most definitely sex in champagne rooms all across this sleazy city.

Keep reading for some of the most insane stories from Porky's court records, including one stripper's claim to having the "prettiest" parts in town.

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As told in the feature, Galeota wasted no time turning Porky's into a booming business based largely on prostitution.

"Someone would come to Porky's, see a girl they liked, and ask me: 'Is she good to go?'" Galeota says. "A lot of girls wouldn't usually sleep with guys. A lot of other girls would. Sometimes if you upped the ante, offered her $500, all of a sudden the girl changed her tune."

When Porky's powerful landlord Bill Seidle died in 2008, Florida's Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco launched an investigation into the strip club.

Court records obtained by New Times show that ABT officials cased the joint from February until May of 2009. They kept a tally of the illicit activities they witnessed: "15 purchases of cocaine, four purchases of MDMA, one purchase of Xanax, one purchase of marijuana, 18 solicitations for prostitution, [and] 20 lewd acts."

"Lewd" isn't the half of it. Dancers with names like Baby Doll, Love, Tipsie, Trixie, and Crème routinely offered to have sex with the undercover cops for as little as $150. That's exactly what the VIP rooms were for, Galeota says. Meanwhile, waitresses fetched customers any drug they requested -- for a price, of course.

But things got much kinkier. According to an ABT investigation, one dancer introduced herself to an undercover agent and immediately "exposed her breasts and began to pass her tongue over the tip of her mammary glands. After finishing, she asked [the agent] if he liked what he saw and advised him that he would charge him a 'very, very fair price' [for sex]."

She then told the agent that it was "his lucky night" because she was "horny" and needed "a good f***."

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from reading this article it sounds like they were amazed of the things happening at a Miami strip club... that's sounds like an average night for me at a club.  if you really wanna be amazed see what happens on the special nights


REally??? wow, awesome journalism! I would have never guess if I didn't read this report! wow...what is next? To discover that prostitutes don't longer walk Biscayne Boulevard instead they advertise in The New Times. I am sure NT is on the


The Arrest was in 2005. She should never have even had him around. Please!!!!!

Kenia West
Kenia West

anyway so why dont you guys make an article on why the pink pussy cat closed.. thhatd be something id like to know. the pink pussy cat is a landmark guys! im actually sadden by the fact. lol

Nathalie Krobs
Nathalie Krobs

OMG!!!!! SEX at adult clubs!!! If u weren't in the loop... U were cheap or ugly. Sorry. Just keepin it real. Nothin to see here. Move along...

Nicole Odette
Nicole Odette

Like we didn't know strippers screw for money...?

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