Stephen Ross Had "Serious" Talks About Selling the Dolphins

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Calls for the head of owner Stephen Ross have died down as the Miami Dolphins have magically managed not to completely blow their season so far. Hell, technically we're sixth in the AFC in the playoff standings!

But over the past two years Jordan Zimmerman, an advertising honcho and limited partner of the Florida Panthers, has been inquiring about possibly buying the team from Ross.

The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson reports that over the past two years Ross and Zimmerman have had "serious" talks about selling the team. Though, those talks have subsided recently.

Those discussions, obviously, haven't come to anything yet. Not even one of those glorified "co-owner" slots Gloria Estefan and Fergie have materialized for the advertising guru.

Zimmerman owns Zimmerman Advertising, the 15th largest ad firm in the country. He also helped come up with the "Just Say No" anti-drug campaign in college.

Of course, talks of wishing the owner would sell the team when they're doing bad are pretty common. Especially lately in South Florida. So next time you're pissed about the Fins, maybe hire a plane to fly a banner over Zimmerman's office asking him to try and buy the team again.

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this is because Dolphins fans are clueless and listen to the jets media in miami. the fins have the best GM in the NFL but yet they bash him down here. miami is the only city that has 100,000 fake GM's that don't have a job. These are the same people that voted for bush 2 times and many of them still did not learn there lesson and want to vote for mitt/bush#3. Miami has the worst sports fans in the country. they are the reason why the fins play 16 road games each year. then when the fins lose they blame everyone else. 


This took me twice as long to read as it should of due to the absolutely terrible spelling and atrocious grammar.


Dude you need to work on your spelling


 @miamid5454 You can't speak for all of us down here. I haven't bashed anyone in the organization, ever, and why. Simple there is a reason they have that job and not me. I am qualified to fix yacht engines, not football teams.

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