The Daily Show Turns Out For University of Miami Obama Rally

Jacob Katel
Yesterday afternoon, President Barack Obama led a rousing preacher-like rally in front of 9,200 supporters at the University of Miami BankUnited Center. Meanwhile, half-a-dozen Mitt Romney lovers on Ponce de Leon Boulevard held up signs screaming, "FIRE OBAMA."

Inside, we tried to crash a taping for The Daily Show and asked reporters about the whether they really work for the Illuminati. Click through for highlights of Obama's latest UM pep talk.

Security was tight going in, even for the exclusive club of White House press pool reporters. Cameras, purses, and equipment bags where thoroughly searched by a pair of undercover agents who looked like they were on their way to a model shoot for a Nordstorm ad with their designer slacks, polo shirts, belts, and sunglasses. Nothing says Secret Service like a Gucci belt and loafers.

Once inside, we quickly recognized Samantha Bee and Jessica Williams, correspondents for Comedy Central's The Daily Show, in the press section. But they weren't interested in giving us any feedback. "Sorry we can't talk," Bee said. "In fact, we have to stop talking to you guys right now." And the duo walked away.

Jacob Katel
Daily Show correspondents Jessica Williams and Samantha Bee can't wait to get inside the Obama rally.
But we continued to stalk them as cameras recorded Bee and Williams pretending to be "liberal media groupies." They pantomimed excitement like they were tweeners at a Justin Beiber concert and faux-fainted on folding plastic tables when Obama took the podium. Meanwhile, the real reporters passed the time checking their Facebook and Twitter feeds on their laptops until the Commander-In-Chief did his spiel.

As expected, Obama highlighted his accomplishments from his healthcare act to his strong military leadership. "Al-Qaida is on the run and Osama Bin Ladin is dead," he proclaimed to adoring cheers. "We repealed don't ask, don't tell." PREACH BROTHER PREACH.

A female volunteer in the press section hung on his every word like a enraptured congregation member. When Obama said, "We've come too far to turn back now," it's as if the Holy Ghost lifted her up high. She stomped her foot and bellowed: "That's right!"

Meanwhile, we tracked down WPLG 10 political reporter Michael Putney to ask a couple of important questions about the Illuminati. First we inquired if it is true that the alleged secret society of one percenters who control the global economy also control the media?

Jacob Katel
WPLG Political Reporter Michael Putney and I discuss how we can get some of that Illuminati money.
Putney: "Yes, it's true."

Banana Republican: "So you work for the Illuminati?"

Putney: "I aspire to."


The veteran journo also squashed talk about a beef between him and Miami New Times columnist Luther Campbell, who recently called Putney one of the worst reporters in Miami. Putney said: "I love Uncle Luke!"

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drakemallard topcommenter

Paul Ryan was the Chairman of the House Budget Committee. He embraced this Budget Control Act.Now Ryan is blaming Obama for a plan that Ryan and other House Republicans put through” “Ryan denounced Obama policies and maneuvers that closely resemble some of his own and made several not-quite-complete statements that resulted in a day of criticism and gave Democrats an opportunity to question both his credibility and his intellectual honesty. , Ryan criticized Obama for ignoring the recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles Commission. What Ryan didn’t say is that he served on the commission and voted against its proposals. Ryan criticized Obama’s plan to cut $700 billion from the growth of Medicare. Ryan’s own plan also calls for $700 billion in cuts, though with different details. Why not acknowledge this? Everyone knows it — unless Ryan believes that his audience isn’t up to speed — so why not set the record straight?””


"PREACHER LIKE"? Only one of many remarks in this article to try and disparage the President.


Shameful reporting if that is what this was meant to be.

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