A Mystery Bathtub Is Sitting On A Jetty Near South Beach

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Remember two years ago when a grand piano ended up sitting in the middle of Biscayne Bay? Yeah, well now the waters of Miami contain a new mystery object. A bathtub has mysteriously found itself perched on one of the jetties along Government Cut off of South Beach.

Because the Biscayne Bay piano ended up being a teenager's art project, and because Art Basel is almost upon us, and it's just the time of year where weird art things start happening, NBC Miami is speculating that it may be some sort of art project.

via NBCMiami
Though, no one seems to know how it got there or why.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman told the station that the department considers it litter, and may file a police report to have it removed and investigate who placed it on the jetty.

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Terry St Angelo
Terry St Angelo

Love it ! The water never gets that high so it was placed there Art Basel !!!

Luis Pagan
Luis Pagan

wasnt there a piano out there in the water months ago?

Tanya C Davis
Tanya C Davis

yes. please waste taxpayer money and investigate this. Heathens!!!!


How, in any conceivable way, is that considered "art"?


@MiamiNewTimes The newest trend A extreme tubbing

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