Best and Worst Movies Shot in Miami Beach, From Scarface to Sly Stallone's The Specialist

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The Specialist is one of the worst movies ever made on Miami Beach
For years, wealthy Miami Beach residents -- including celebs like Alex Rodriguez -- have pimped out their mansions as movie studios. Now, however, it seems locals are finally getting pissed off over the scenic island getting turned into a giant film set.

Is the neighborhood nuisance worth it? Well, it injects nearly $90 million per year into the Miami Beach economy. But the product is hit or miss.

We decided to rank some of the best and worst flicks filmed on Miami Beach, from the coke-fueled classic Scarface to Sly Stallone's superbad The Specialist.

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Starting with the best movies Miami Beach has played host to...

Scarface (1983)
By now, everyone in Miami knows by heart the story of Tony Montana, a murderous Marielito who snorts and shoots his way to the top of the city's crime scene. Mostly filmed south of Fifth Street on the Beach, the movie is much more than Pacino's icon snarl. It's a meditation on soul-destroying pursuit of power.

Goldfinger (1964)
Gold-coated corpses, killer hats, Sean Connery as 007, and Pussy Galore. As close to movie perfection as you can get. Its opening sequence was filmed at The Fontainebleau.

The Birdcage (1996)
Nathan Lane and Robin Williams drive this comedy, filmed on Española Way in South Beach. A box-office hit, The Birdcage lovingly pokes fun at South Florida's gay culture while taking serious shots at Antisemitism, homophobia, and close-minded conservatism.

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Reno 911? Dangle fit right in.

drakemallard topcommenter

I'm watching this stuff wondering how someone can get so caught up in a work of fiction... then I look up from my laptop and see Star Wars memorabilia freaking everywhere and realize I should just shut the fuck up


Scarface was filmed mostly in Los Angeles.

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