Christian Slater's Vote Didn't Count, Thanks to Miami-Dade County

Christin Slater was once on Hollywood's A-List, but he wasn't on Miami-Dade's voter list.

Like almost everyone in Miami-Dade, Slater (who lives here now, who knew?) had a hell of a time voting on Election Day. After waiting in line for four hours, he was told he wasn't properly registered. He ended up casting a provisional ballot, but he was just informed that his vote didn't count.

Slater documented his Election Day troubles on Twitter:

Then, just recently, he got a letter from the Miami-Dade Elections office informing him that his vote didn't count after all. He posted it to Twitter, but took it down. Buzzfeed managed to save it. Note, however, that it's addressed to "Christina Slater." Good job, Miami-Dade.

Apparently, the signature he put on his provisional ballot didn't match the one in his voter record.

Let this be a lesson to you all that you should make sure you voter registration is up to date before you head to the polls. If we know anything about voting in Miami-Dade County, it's that you shouldn't leave anything up to chance.

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What do you expect when our Elections Department is riddled with unqualified patronage hires who came to the department with zero elections experience? They did not go through job interviews or a competitive selection process. That includes Supervisor Penny Townsley, Chief Deputy Supervisor Tara Smith, Deputy Supervisor Christina White, Deputy Supervisor Gary Hartfield, Deputy Supervisor John Mendez, etc., etc. Their patron and the Queen of the Cronies, Deputy Mayor Alina Hudak, has not gone through a job interview or competitive selection process in 30 years.

Mayor Gimenez needs to clean house in the Elections Department. Every executive position in the chain of command, starting with Hudak's position, should be advertised and Gimenez should hold competitive interviews to find the best qualified candidates for those jobs. Political cronies like Hudak and Townsley are an obstacle to reform and need to be shown the door.

Also, the Board of County Commissioners needs to create an ordinance that requires an open and transparent competitive recruitment process for every county position, especially those in the executive ranks. Every department director, deputy director, assistant director, and deputy mayor hired by Gimenez has been hired without a competitive selection process. That is known in the business world as a “worst practice.” 

The people of Miami-Dade deserve Elections Department employees who are competent at their jobs and chosen through a fair process, not the incompetent political hacks currently there who were responsible for Christian Slater's stolen vote.

Henry Quintero
Henry Quintero

it was his own fault. he should sign all legal documents the same exact way...

David Minsky
David Minsky

yup. I ran into him at the Whole Foods in South Beach.

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