Deion Sanders Recruiting Scandal Is Full Of Hypocrisy

Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. This week, Luke defends a flamboyant former NFL star.

The mainstream sports media has been dogging NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders ever since he called a white TV reporter named Brett Shipp an "African-American killer" during a November 14 radio interview. Shipp has been obsessively covering allegations that the former All-Pro defensive back illegally recruited kids to play for Prime Prep, his private charter school in Dallas.

Immediately, Shipp's peers accused Deion of making it about his skin color. For instance, Yahoo! Sports high school athletics columnist Cameron Smith wrote, "It might have taken a bit longer than some might have expected, but Deion Sanders officially lost it. His response was to play the race card."

No, he hasn't. Sanders is absolutely right. Before his school even opened its doors, Prime Prep has been receiving an unfair amount of scrutiny just because of his involvement. The negative press has destroyed Prime Prep's athletic program before it even got off the ground.

In August, before the football season began, a Dallas school district committee disqualified Prime Prep from all athletics this year. Earlier this month, three basketball players were declared ineligible because they transferred from Grace Prep, an Arlington school with one of the top basketball programs in America. The trio was accused of switching to Prime Prep for "athletic reasons."

Meanwhile, there are no exposés on the hundreds of private schools in football-rich states like Texas and Florida that illegally recruit student athletes. High schools such as St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, Belen Jesuit in West Miami-Dade, and Christopher Columbus in Westchester are always recruiting inner-city kids to field competitive teams.

Private schools have the luxury of promising parents the "best education" possible for Little Johnny Football. That's how parents fall into their trap. A prime example is Michael Irvin, another Hall of Famer, who was a star at the University of Miami. Irvin was attending Piper High in Sunrise when St. Thomas recruited him. Despite having 17 brothers and sisters, Irvin was the only one offered an academic scholarship.

But when a controversial black celebrity athlete wants to offer children a better education, he can't be trusted. All of sudden, reporters can't wait to expose him for doing what private schools fielding nationally competitive athletic programs do every day.

Deion is being lynched before the starting whistle.

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You should of stuck to writing about ass and titties. 


Uncle Luke, I love you Bro, but you really need to do your homework on this one.  Deion's school is not a private school, so he doesn't have the same latitude as private schools.  His school is a public funded charter school.  Also the reporter that Deion is talking about has written about more than just the recruiting violations.  That was a small segment of a larger story.  Deion is playing the public and he is playing you.  Google Prime Prep Academy.  Google D.L. Wallce.  Get the full picture before you put your name out there defending this dude.  As a Black male, I will always defend a brother against a racist media when called for, but when a brother is wrong, I can't support him.  Deion is wrong!


@JordanEsteban21 I'm I telling the truth our not ?


This is about much more than illegal recruiting.  That is just one small aspect of a bigger picture.  Deion is trying to shape public opinion before all of the truth comes out about Prime Prep Academy.  This school was founded on a bunch of lies.  They submitted quite a few "errors" on their initial charter school application.  The founders (Deion and his partner D.L. Wallace) tried to personally profit from taxpayers by creating a bunch of shell companies and contracting these companies to provide services to the school.  They initially lied about owning one of the properties, and claimed a leasing arrangement with an "outside" firm for the other property.  It turns out that the outside firm was owned by D.L. Wallace.  He initially someone else as the owner, but The Dallas Observer uncovered the truth.  There is so much bad news about this school, and Deion knows that he is about to be exposed.  The recruiting thing is just one of many beans about to be spilled.


We have a place for Prime Prep in's called TAPPS...along with the other private schools...the trouble is, they're trying to compete in the UIL...along the public schools, which cannot recruit...because it's illegal....the reason the other private schools aren't being hounded is because they are competing in their league...where they belong...and where recruiting is allowed


@ConSchwartz Thanks for sending that link about Deion

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