Election Night In Little Havana: Anger at Versailles Cafe, Elation at Obama HQ

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Michael E. Miller
Marta Gonzalez wages her one-woman protest outside Versailles
As Florida vote counting goes to the wire tonight, what is clear is that this state -- and this city -- remains bitterly divided.

That divide was apparent at two locations just blocks apart in Little Havana: there was elation at Obama campaign headquarters on SW 1st Street as a small band of volunteers watched better-than-expected numbers stream in. Meanwhile, less than a mile away on Calle Ocho, el exilio was pissed at the potential for four more years.

"Obama is a socialist," screeched Marta Gonzalez, 68, as she stood in front of Versailles Café and punched an inflatable president doll right in the nuts. "This is my protest."

The scene at Versailles was nervous and not too happy. As Gonzalez shouted into a small black megaphone and dangled what was... well, frankly, a pretty racist doll of the president, another cigar-sucking protester wearing an Mao Ze Obama shirt sighed as he listened to results on the radio go against Romney.

There were several cars tricked out in "Fire Obama" and "Romney for America" banners.

Obama punch.jpg
Michael E. Miller
Marta Gonzalez vs. Obama
Carol Michelena, an Obama supporter, found herself outnumbered at the café on Calle Ocho. She had accidentally ended up in the middle of the impromptu Romney rally when she and a group of friends stopped by a cortadito after dinner.

"I wouldn't normally be in the middle of this because the Republican Party just spews so much hatred," she said. Nodding towards Gonzalez in her Confederate hat, Michelena added: "I think that is so insulting."

Things were more upbeat, if exhausted, at the Obama campaign headquarters less than a mile away. As the polls closed at 7 p.m., a small band of volunteers and a few staffers were already taking down signs, their job of canvassing and registering voters largely over.

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drakemallard topcommenter

Mitt Romney is the first and only presidential candidate in U.S. history to have had a Swiss bank account. But he won’t disclose any information about it to American voters. He has so far released only a partial 2010 tax return, which doesn’t include disclosure of his financial accounts overseas in tax havens. President Obama, meanwhile, released tax records dating back to 2000, and Mitt Romney’s father, George, disclosed 12 years’ worth of data when he ran for president. So what is Romney hiding? Could it be that he has more money taxed at a lower rate than any one has so far estimated? Did he take advantage of the IRS special tax amnesty program in 2009, which allowed him to evade criminal charges? How much has he stashed in the Cayman Islands? Or Bermuda? What other secret investments does Romney not want the American people to know about? $77,000 total tax write-off Romneys received for their dancing horse 47th job-growth ranking for Massachusetts while Romney was governor $10,504 per capita bond debt of Massachusetts citizens, the highest of any state, after Romney left office in 2007 13.9% Romney's effective tax rate in 2010 and 2011 $102 MILLION the amount of money in Romney's SEP-IRA 8% the top tax rate, down from 35%, under Romney's tax plan

drakemallard topcommenter

to mitt the twit when are you ever going to learn? that sliver spoon in your mouth gives you ideals! Above your position. If you weren't such an i di ot you probably will have won and what make it worse. Is you can't even see that! you call forty-seven percent of the citizenry shiftless moochers and still hope to win the presidency. Tax policy is made up of small mystical creatures and health problems are already solved through the miracle of .emergency rooms! Romney is headed back to his home in New Hampshire .Obama will become the President again.Obama will be reelected in a close election,the Democrats will stay a majority in the Senate

Chauncey Copeland
Chauncey Copeland

They'll never get over it. Open you eyes and see the lies right in front of you!

Phil Ramirez
Phil Ramirez

I'd dare one to rip anything from my car... We already have a precedent when, in 2000, they kept many minorities from local polling centers but not this time, Hialeans!

Chard Beauregarde
Chard Beauregarde

The aceres viejos are gonna be slamming the dominoes extra hard tomorrow.

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