Florida Teacher to Student Who Wanted To Use Water Fountain: "Pour This Water Over My Body and You Can Lick It Off"

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Not the actual Miss Johnson in question.
Math class is certainly not supposed to be sexy, and if it is, then you might have a problem.

A former student at Port St. Lucie High School has filed suit against his math teacher Meri-Ann Johnson and the St. Lucie County school board, claiming that several remarks Johnson made in her algebra class crossed the line.

The student's lawyer tells WPTV that Johnson made a habit of using sex talk to teach math.

To explain how X+Y intercept, Johnson allegedly asked, "How about I get naked?" and simulated a strip tease that ended with her slamming her shoe on the student's desk.

Johnson also allegedly made inappropriate comments when the student asked to be excused to use the water fountain.

"She responded, 'How about if I pour this water over my body and you can lick it off of me,' and then proceeded to simulate a sex act with the water bottle," the student's lawyer told the station.

In a bit of a twist, the student's mother had also been employed as an elementary school teacher by the school board and had been named "Teacher of the Year." According to the suit, the mother tried to take up her concerns about the situation through the school system but was ignored.

And in yet another twist, the boy also played on the JV basketball be team which was coached by Johnson's uncle through marriage. The suit claims that the coach told the student that if he ever complained again he'd be cut from the team.

The family has since moved out of the state.

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such a terrible choice of picture in this article. why is it ok to joke about the issue with an image of a sexy female teacher? would you do this if the teacher in question were male?

also, the so-called "twists" at the end are not twists at all. they're merely circumstantial details.


America is doomed, blame the liberals that want to take God out of the classroom and courtroom.


Even by Florida Moral Standards, I'm finding this one hard to  believe.  


were were these horny ass teachers when i went to school.


@killabang123 .....they were probably teaching English, where you would have learned the difference between "where" and "were". Idiot.

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