Florida Woman Busted for Public Blow Job Says She Was Just Looking for Cigarettes in 78 Year-Old's Crotch

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Smokers always be losing their cigarettes packs. Where do those things even end up half the time? I mean, a 78 year-old man's crotch is as good as a place as any to search.

Unfortunately for Karnesha Nantz, 32, police up in Stuart, Florida, were not buying such a story.

A Martin County Sheriff's deputy got a call just before 9:30 a.m. on November 7 that a couple was having sex in a Honda van. Nothing like a little minivan nookie to get the morning started off right.

When the Sheriff's deputy approached the van he saw Nantz's head nestled all up in the crotch of 78-year-old Jackie Fisher. According to Off the Beat, Nantz appeared startled and Fisher hastily attempted to zip up his pants.

When the deputy asked Nantz why her facial region was all up in Fisher's penis area, she said that she was merely trying to locate cigarettes she misplaced in the senior citizen's crotch. Granted, if my smokes ended up in a 78 year-old's crotch I'd probably just a write them off, and buy some new ones, but nicotine addiction can lead you to doing some crazy things.

Nantz however quickly dropped the excuses. She told the deputy she had met Fisher a few days earlier, and he had given her a lift to go buy drugs. Fisher told the deputy that he had picked Nantz up again today at a gas station.

Interestingly, no prostitution charges were filed. Though, both Nantz and Fisher were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct.

Fisher's van was returned to his wife.

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One thing I dont understand, in America its illegal to buy sex, right? So why doesn`t all hookers in the US just stab every john they meet and steal his money?  Why give a $20 blowjob to someone when you can get his whole wallet without the blowjob? What`s the guy gonna do, run to the police and report the hooker he tried to buy sex from? I dont understand Americans at all.


Shouldn`t this woman be given some support and help? She gave oral sex to a 78 year old man, that`s worse then licking the inside of old shoes, she has to be a complete psychological mess by now.


That is the FUNNIST story I ever read


@Jeeed Assault with a deadly weapon and armed robbery will get you in a lot more trouble than prostituting.

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