Florida Woman Going Through Divorce Spray Paints Broken Hearts All Over Jacksonville's New $350M Courthouse

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Duval County recently opened a brand new $350-million courthouse, but a woman going through a dramatic divorce decided that it needed a final touch that only a $5 can of spray paint can bring.

Audrey Dostie, 35, was apparently unhappy with her divorce proceedings and decided to cover the building in broken hearts, the letters "AA," and a message to her judge.

Dostie's estranged husband had recently filed a restraining order against her claiming domestic abuse. The pair is also fighting over custody of their son.

According to News4Jax, she showed up to the courthouse on Thursday night with a can of spray paint and took to the courthouse columns and sidewalk.

In addition to writing "Free us!" and the broken hearts, she also left messages that read "F Judge James Ruth" and "$300 million courthouse."

Though, her graffiti rampage wasn't quite done. Police say she then went to her husband's business and gave it a similar makeover.

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There are crazies here first is Duval County for spending 350 million on a courthouse and the second is Audrey the freak!


Least i stood up for my rights! :-) $5 can o paint got me millions $$ in media coverage and may save the life of my autistic seven year old son.

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