In Final Florida Polls, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Remain Virtually Tied

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The day is finally upon us, and it's looking like every vote may actually matter in Florida. In the final slew of polls, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney remain tied in the race to win our state's precious 29 electoral votes. Let's take a look at the latest polls released since our update yesterday.

A Gravis Marketing poll conducted on Sunday and Monday found that Obama and Romney are tied at 49 percent each. Obama leads by five points among those who have had already voted, but Romney leads by four points among those who plan to vote today.

An Angus Reid poll conducted over the weekend also shows both candidates tied at 49 percent. Obama holds large leads among women and younger voters under 35, while Romney has large advantages among men and voters over 65.

The Zogby/Newsmax web tracking poll has been all over the place in recent days, but today settled on -- you guessed it -- a tie at 48 percent each.

The Ipsos/Reuters rolling tracking poll however shows Romney with a one point lead, 48-47. That's a one point chance from yesterday's 47 percent tie. That's among likely voters. Among all registered voters however, Obama would lead 50-43, so it stands to reason the higher the turnout, the better things would look for Obama.

The poll aggregates are also split as to who has the slightest of advantages. Nate Silver at FiveThityEight now says Obama has a 52 percent chance to win Florida, compared to Romney's 48 percent. According to his model, no other state is anywhere near as close. He predicts a 49.9 to 49.7 percent win in Florida for Obama.

HuffPo's meanwhile estimates a 48.4 to 47.9 percent win for Obama. The Real Clear Politics average meanwhile gives Romney the 1.5 percent advantage.

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