Keys Substitute Teacher William Britt Arrested With More Than 100 Kiddie Porn Pics

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via Monroe County Sheriff's Office
William Britt
For two years now, William Britt has been subbing in classrooms around the Florida Keys, including inside a handful of local elementary schools. At home, Britt was stockpiling hundreds of images of child pornography.

After a landlord spotted the illegal porn and called the police, Britt admitted he was "sick" and said he worked at schools because he "enjoyed the company."

Britt started substitute teaching for Monroe County Public Schools back in 2010, reports the Key West Citizen. His assignments included Poinciana, Glynn Archer and Gerald Adams elementary schools, as well as a number of high schools and middle schools.

Earlier this month, Britt asked his landlord to help him move out of a residence on Cudjoe Key after he'd been evicted for a "lack of sanitation and cleanliness," according to a police report.The landlord, while carrying boxes out, spotted obvious child porn in one and called the sheriff's office.

via Monroe County Sheriff's Office
Detectives search Britt's RV at Sigsbee Naval Base.
Police soon tracked Britt -- who is a retired military serviceman -- to Sigsbee Naval Base in Key West, where he lived in an RV.

They confronted him last Thursday, and he handed over 123 images of child pornography while admitting to officers that he is "sick," according to a police report.

He also told deputies that he'd never touched any children, but said he worked with community groups that help kids in addition to his substitute teaching.

Britt's now facing 123 counts of possessing child pornography.

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I also want to say this guy gives are men and women who served and did serve a bad name


People like this need to be put down like the dogs they are serously how can anyone get off on looking at kids like that

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