For Jeffrey Loria, Whether It Comes to Art or Baseball, It's All About Making Money

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Frankly, it's doubtful how much Loria really appreciates art. His oft-cited favorite artists include Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, and Fernand Leger. Taken individual, there's no doubt these are all masters. But lets look at what representative pieces from the artists look like side-by-side:

Are we getting the sense that this is a guy who really is a nuanced and informed lover of all types of art who truly respects these artists on an intellectual level? Or are we getting the sense that this is a guy who just loves loosely figurative paintings and is easily amused by primary colors with the occasional shot of green?

This is an art dealer who, after all, commissioned C-list pop artist Red Grooms to create that hideous butt plug of a homerun sculpture. If that thing isn't enough to illustrate the man has little taste in art, what is?

Because Loria was such a low profile art dealer who specialized in selling to private clients before he emerged to by the MLB's Montreal Expos in 1999, little was written about his company before than.

In that year, The New York Observer wrote that he was "known as a cagey, some say ruthless, negotiator" of an art dealer. In 2003, New York Magazine quoted another New York art dealer as saying, "When we see glowing things about Loria, a lot of us are ready to throw up." The magazine described him as a "secretive, tempestuous 62-year-old." It doesn't paint a picture of a man whose was respected in the art world.

Even quotes he's given about art ring hallow. The fact he decided to paint much of the interior of the Marlins new tax-payer stadium in green because Miro used the shade in his painted rings about as true as deciding to play a B-flat across the stadium's sound system at the start of each inning because he was such a big fan of the Beatles and they used the note in a lot of the songs. It just doesn't make sense.

"Whether you are building an art collection or a baseball team, it is all about making things work, having them fit together, work well together, look good together," he told the Yale alumni website while trying to draw a correlation between art and baseball. "Whether you are looking at pictures on a wall or players on a field, it is always for me about quality and trying to make the highest level of quality."

When you think about that concept applied to either field, it doesn't really register.

Truth is, for someone like Loria, quality really isn't the point. It's all about profit. The sad fact is, he'll end up making an exponentially bigger fortune with his ruthless swindling of taxpayers and baseballs fans than he ever did swapping art for rich patrons.

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$3 Billion. That is how much Loria and his midget sidekick conned out of Miami-Dade County with the help of disgraced ex-Mayor Manny Diaz and recalled idiot Carlos Alvarez.  

D.f. Basora
D.f. Basora

Loria has always been a scumbag. He's not acting any differently. I blame those in Miami dades so called "leadership" who pushed for the new stadium deal. They knew the possibility of that scumbag doing exactly this and didn't care.

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