Miami Hurricanes Won't Go To A Bowl Game, Impose Ban For Second Year In a Row

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For the second year in a row, the Miami Hurricanes demolished South Florida on Saturday for their sixth win of the year, earning the chance to play in a postseason bowl. And for the second year in a row, the Canes followed the win with a Monday morning announcement that the team will voluntarily skip bowl games as a self-imposed penalty over the Nevin Shapiro scandal.

Today's news means this weekend's tussle with Duke -- a game that could have earned the Canes a spot in the ACC Championship contest -- just got a lot less interesting.

The Canes, who are now 6-5 on the season, announced the voluntary ban just before practice this morning on the Coral Gables campus.

By self-imposing postseason bans two years in a row, UM is hoping to lessen the impact of the Shapiro scandal, which, incredibly, the NCAA is still investigating almost two years after the Ponzi schemer's links to the athletic department came to light.

If it seems dumb to ban yourself from a bowl game -- particularly for infractions that occurred under a previous coach and previous AD involving athletes long gone from campus -- well, yeah, it is kind of ridiculous. But such is life in the NCAA.

And for a cautionary tale of what can happen by not penalizing yourself when a fairly minor bowl is probably all that's on the line, just take a look at Ohio State this year.

The Buckeyes are now 11-0 and would almost certainly be part of the national championship discussion -- except that they decided not to impose a ban last year when they went to the Gator Bowl (yawn) and lost the game.

A scandal involving former players trading autographs and memorabilia for tattoos was hanging over the school, so they imposed a ban before this season started. And they may have cost themselves a national title shot as a result.

The Canes may have cost themselves a shot at toppling Florida State for the ACC crown with this morning's news, but let's be honest: That would be one hell of a long shot considering FSU's dominance this year.

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Alex Anico
Alex Anico

What idiots. Watch and see the NCAA still impose a five year bowl ban. Frankly by not taking advantage that they can go to a bowl they are pretty much ending their program themselves. Whose going to want to go to play there when there is no chance to go to a bowl game?

Luis Pagan
Luis Pagan

seriously whats taking NCAA so long with their punishment?


Why can't they announce this after the last game. Just like last year the Canes will now lay an egg against Duke. Talk about demotivating a team. This is just plain old stupid.

Josh Everage
Josh Everage

They wouldn't show up for their bowl game anyway.


Canes probably are the best opponent from that side for FSU in the ACC Championship game ? So I take it Duke wins they go, otherwise Ga Tech is goes instead ?

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