Mugshots Friday: Drunk Girls, Ed Hardy Tattoos, and the Match Game

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Arrested: 11/13
Charged with: Aggravated assault, battery
It's always fun when people take Scarface too much to heart.

Arrested: 11/12
Charged with: Petit retail theft
Man, that wavy hair, the scruff, the who-gives-a-shit look in his eyes ... is there a woman out there with looks, charm and a massive disinterest in her own crime that's out there for our hero?

Arrested: 11/12
Charged with: Grand theft 3rd degree
I'll leave you two future lovebirds alone.

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Jon, leave the jokes for comedians...just post the pics, your commentary is horrible...What does "I'll leave you two future lovebirds alone." Have to do with Grand Theft Auto? Or COPS show tapes mounting to the stratosphere have to do with assaulting an officer??? I am glad I live in NYC, we dont post peoples business online and have some entry level editor poke phone at someone else's expense.....PS...again...You are not funny...


















Cassie Morien
Cassie Morien

"I'll leave you two lovebirds alone." Perfection.

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