Mugshots Friday: Giving Thanks For Neck Tattoos and Bad Decisions

Categories: Mugshots Friday
Arrested: 11/16
Charged with: Grand theft auto, burglary
Honestly, if you're going to get a ridiculous eye tattoo, why not go full bore and ink up your whole face? Area codes, tears, a Camaro on fire ... instead, you just get a single insane marking that makes it look like you were trying to paint your face like a member of KISS but got bored of it after five minutes.

Arrested: 11/18
Charged with: Trespassing, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer
You know when you get in argument, and it gets more and more heated, and by the end of it, you're not even in the original argument any more but just yelling expletives and throwing stuff? This is the facial equivalent of that moment.

Arrested: 11/18
Charged with: Disorderly conduct, drinking in public
Old dredlocks never die, they just fade away in a cloud of weed smoke.

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