Sorry Bill O'Reilly, Marco Rubio Is Not The GOP's Golden Ticket to Attracting Hispanic Voters

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Despite winning the majority of white voters, the Republican Party had their asses handed to them by minority voters last Tuesday. The beat-down has left the GOP in a race to figure out how, at the very least, to get more of the Hispanic vote.

Bill O'Reilly has a novel idea. No, it has nothing to do with changing horribly unpopular policies or anything like that. He just thinks the GOP should trout out Marco Rubio more.

On Wednesday, during his post-election analysis, O'Reilly -- the man who the night before declared that "the white establishment is now the minority" and that America is no longer "traditional" -- acknowledged that "the USA is a rapidly changing country." Those remarks start at about the 4:30 mark below.

Yes, he's talking about the nation's growing Hispanic population. So what's his solution for the GOP? Changing course? Reassessing their stance on immigration? Actively engaging with the Latino community? Nope. Just tokenism.

"In hindsight, Sen. Marco Rubio would have been the best choice to run with Mitt Romney," he declared. "The GOP needs to send a powerful signal to Hispanic voters that the party respects them."

This idea, that Marco Rubio can somehow singlehandily deliver Hispanics to the GOP, is whirling through the party, at least in undertones. Which is patently ridiculous.

First of all, Hispanics are not some monolithic demographic group. We're talking about an incredibly diverse and complex group of people, many of whom feel like they've been grouped together under some all inclusive banner of "Hispanic." Our own Pepe Billete has tackled that issue. A white Cuban politician may, for example, not appeal to Mexicans in any special way more than a non-Hispanic white candidate would.

Second, Rubio's stance on immigration still upsets many Hispanics. He's a bit more moderate on the issue than other Republicans, but he's still far to the right of the Democratic Party on the issue.

Third, let's remember that Rubio may have won 55 percent of Florida's Hispanic vote when he ran for Senate in 2010, but that also means 45 percent voted for someone else. Sure, that's better than the 27 percent that voted for Romney this year, but it's not much better than the 50 percent Rick Scott won that same year. We still don't know how to explain, other than that Hispanic voter turnout was relatively low during that non-Presidential election and it was a Republican-wave year. It's likely that if the political headwinds were different, Rubio might not have even won Hispanics in Florida.

In fact, several polls have found that Jeb Bush is more popular among Hispanics than Rubio.

Here are some things we've written about that subject in the past. From an article on a national PPP poll on voters' favorite Republicans to run for prez in 2016:
In the most surprising result, 29 percent of Hispanic Republicans prefer Jeb Bush, while only 16 percent prefer Rubio. Identity politics apparently only go so far, and perhaps because Bush's more moderate stance on immigration helps his appeal in the demographic. In fact, Bush leads the pack among all minority voters. Rubio leads among whites.
And from an article on a poll on the impact of hypothetical Romney VP choices on Florida voters:
Only 46 percent of Latinos would vote vote for Romney-Rubio over Obama-Biden.

A whopping 57 percent of Latinos would vote for the GOP in the same matchup with Jeb Bush as the veep candidate.
Sorry, Bill O'Reilly. Marco Rubio is not the GOP's golden ticket to winning all of Latinos. He might help with recapturing the Cuban vote, though.

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After living in Miami nearly two decades, I learned that Latinos/Hispanics are not monolithic. It was quite eye opening and a lesson the rest of America hasn't learned. But. Back in my adopted state of NJ, the same thing happens with Asians. Somehow Koreans and Pakistanis get lumped together- a lesson a local mayor learned the hard way. The same with confusing immigrant Blacks with African Americans, or Israeli-Americans with American Jews

But hope springs eternal. One day, the list of concerns will be without regard to considerations of race, religion, national origin, or ethnicity. Pray


You idiot white traditionalists, who don't like our country; get the hell out. We don't need you scumbag republicans.


Extreme right-wing propagandists such as Fox News, the Tea Party, and a handful of rich white men who try to purchase the U. S. democracy will continue to shove Marco Rubio down America's throat from now till 2016. Rubio is bought-and-paid for while many other more decent and talented Hispanic politicians, including Cuban Americans, are not for sale in that manner. Thus, Rubio is much more attractive to the right-wingers. Even more moderate news organizations than Fox seem compelled to always add "rising star" to preface any mention of Rubio, so extreme right-wing propaganda works. I am a lifelong conservative Republican with a passion for Cubans, whom I have visited on the island. I also realize that the biggest enemies of 11.2 million innocent Cubans on the island are right-wingers like Marco Rubio. They are, in fact, the prime source for Fidel Castro's amazing longevity and will be the prime reason for his legacy, because if the alternative to Castro is right-wing imperialists like Rubio, many will prefer Castro. Sure, the right-wingers pretend no one remembers Batista, Trujillo, Pinochet and all the other U. S. and Mafia-beloved right-wing dictators who gave birth to Fidel Castro who, in turn, gave birth to the elected presidents of present-day Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, etc. The best thing that ever happened to Fidel Castro was the wave of democracy across Latin America in the 1980s that swept away U. S. - backed dictatorships, with Castro getting credit for being the only man to actually overthrow one. So Castro-lovers Dilma Rousseff (Brazil), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), Danny Ortega (Nicaragua), Evo Morales (Bolivia), etc., are now ELECTED Presidents across Latin America and all were former rebel fighters inspired by the Cuban Revolution. Fox News says to state that fact is anti-American and I say Fox is anti-American for ignoring it. U. S. and Mafia support of Batista-Lansky created Fidel Castro and for a half-century that created more fierce anti-American rebels and leaders.  Fidel Castro created the likes of Chavez, Ortega, Morales, Rousseff, etc., as rebel fighters who became democratic Presidents. Dilma Rousseff as a 20-year-old, for example, was a fierce guerrilla fighter against a U. S. - backed military dictatorship in Brazil and then she was captured and tortured for three years in a military prison...and today she is the dominant ELECTED leader in Latin America, having amassed her zeal from the Cuban Revolution. Chavez, Ortega, Morales, etc., also fought as rebels long before they were democratically elected Presidents with a young Ortega, for example, fighting against the Oliver North-Cuban exile right-winger Contras. North survived the Iran-Contra scandal to, of course, become a highly paid propagandist for Fox News while Ortega survived to become the Castro-loving President of Nicaragua. Fox News considers North a hero; I think he created Fidel's dear disciple Danny Ortega. The U. S. right-wingers seem intent on creating more Castro lovers across the Americas and that irks conservative Republican democracy-lovers like me.  


Marco Rubio is not the GOP's golden ticket; nor are other Tea Party buffoons.People like Jeb Bush and Jon Huntsman, voices of moderation in the GOP, are the ones who can lead Republicans to victory.


First off Rubio voted against the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor. Votes also have consequences and rhetoric is not forgotten. 


Rubio also has voted against the dream act used the word illegal instead of undocumented and used malicious right wing rhetoric that alienated the biggest Hispanic block which is Mexican Americans. Also since Central Americans and South Americans use also mirror the Mexican American block because immigration rhetoric also affects them. Name any country south of Mexico and it affects them.


Also I like how they use the word White Hispanic. What about Afro Hispanics or Afro Cubans? 

It is also a significant part of the Cuban community as well. Afro Cubans in Cuba are a big part of Cuba society. After Dominican Republic it is Cuba who has the largest Afro Hispanic community. 


Uruguay has the whites Hispanic community percentage wise at 97%


Argentina has the largest White Hispanics in sheer numbers 38 Million Lionel Messi, Sergio Martinez, Alexis Bledel, Lola Ponce


Mexico has the 2nd largest White Hispanic at 18 Million  Thalia, Gloria Trevi, Evan Longoria, Luis Miguel, Selena Gomez, Jenni Rivera, Lucero, Rafael Amaya 


Puerto Rico has the 3rd largest White Hispanic community Ricky Martin, Barbara Bermudo, Maria Celeste, Carmen Lourdes Dominicci Ramos


Cubans have the 4th larges White Hispanic community Gloria Estefan, Carmen Diaz, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Robert Menendez, Jen Carlos Canela 



Afro Hispanic community


Dominican Republic has the largest Afro Hispanic community percentage wise. 84% to 90% of Dominicans have African ancestry.  Sammy Sosa, David Ortiz, Merlin Santana, Zoe Saldana, Manny Ramirez, Jose Reyes, Vladmir Guerrero, Alfonso Soriano, Leslie Grace, Tony Dandrades, Miguel Tejada, Pedro Martinez, Arlenis Sosa, Anthony Santos, Romeo Santos, Henry Santos, 


Cuba has the 2nd largest Afro Hispanic community percentage wise 50% to 55%  Legend Celia Cruz, Jon Secada, Christina Milan, Orlando Hernandez El Duque, Laz Alonso, Ana Fidelia Quirot,  Gina Torres, Kid Chocolate I & II  Rita Marley, Gilbert Arenas, Alexi Ramirez, Rosario Dawson


Puerto Rico 3rd largest Afro Hispanic percentage wise 35% to 40%  Don Omar, Zoe Saldana also Puerto Rican, Carlos Delgado, Roberto Clemente, Rosie Perez, Tego Calderon, La La Vasquez, Felipe Luciano, Schomburg, Arturo Alfonso, Felix Trinadad, Bernie Williams 





drakemallard topcommenter

to the gop Well good for you. You keep a couple token ones around. Do you parade them around like a couple dancing monkeys?

drakemallard topcommenter

The same Marco Rubio? That Talks Big but Fails to Deliver? A Cuban on the ballot means nothing to the general population of the Hispanic community. Most Latin Americans don't like Cubans Cubans have enjoyed a status not accorded to any other immigrant group over time. In this work,Illegal Immigrants from Cuba: Preferential Treatment


@rwhaney too bad Gore sold Current TV. This info would be great in a documentary. So much I fo is fragmented


@sportsmarvel I thought it was a common Cuban expression "what is your grandmother" I dictating that like Jamaica and Cnines,just about all have African blood.

But I never knew this. I also thought that Dominicans claim there are no Black Dominicans-- if there are they come from the other side of Hispaniola? If I am wrong, that's not what their putting in college texts and journals


@FallSapphire You have been severely misinformed lol. Dominicans, collectively, are by far the darkest hispanic group. The problem is that they are tremendous self loathers, and seek to explain their racial demagraphic by berating and slandering the poor Haitians.

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