The Bush Dynasty Continues: Jeb's Kids Poised to Run

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I think the real problem with the GOP right now is that they just don't have enough Bushes ready to run for president. Think about it. The Republican party has not won the Presidency unless a Bush was running since 1984. That's almost 30 years!

Well, don't worry GOPers, your Bush supply is about the be refilled with talks that both of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush's sons are poised to enter electoral politics.

George P. Bush, Jeb's oldest son, has actually already started an exploratory committee. However, he won't be running for office in Florida. Aw shucks. Instead he's looking toward the state that gave his uncle and grandfather their start in office: Texas.

According to Naked Politics, Luis Gazitua, a Miami lawyer and Bush family friend, sent out the following email yesterday:
Tuesday's elections proved that our party needs to broaden our appeal and rebuild in an inclusive manner with a new generation of leaders.

In order to begin this transformation, we must begin investing in rising stars within our party and I am confident that with thoughtful and forward thinking messengers such as Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and George P. Bush we will emerge stronger than ever.

As a friend of George P's next generation movement, I wanted to let you know that yesterday George created an exploratory committee to begin looking at running for statewide office in Texas. Should you be inclined to support his efforts with some seed capital, checks can be made payable to: George P. Bush Campaign.
It has begun. The fourth generation of the Bush political dynasty is almost upon us, and the good news for Republicans looking to appeal to Latino voters is that Jeb's kids have a Mexican-born mother.

After graduating from Gulliver Prep, George P. went to Texas for his schooling and has worked as a lawyer in the state ever since.

But George P. may not be the only Bush scion looking to enter politics. Jeb Bush Jr., you know the one who was caught in a mall parking lot as a teenager sexing his girlfriend and most recently was one of like five people to support the Jon Hunstman campaign, is rumored to be a possible candidate someday.

Even before David Rivera was defeated in his bid for reelection to congress there was talk that JBJ could run against Joe Garcia in the district in 2014.

Of course, Bush fans may not have to wait until this latest generation gains experience for another Bush to enter the White House. Jeb Bush Sr. already finds himself on the top of lots of lists of prospective 2016 candidates.

Whatever the case, America is sure to be drowning in Bush for years to come.

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drakemallard topcommenter

People are sick of the Bush family brand and the world is moving away from them. This is the kind of republican that makes the party undesirable



Bush Family Arrest & Prison


George P. Bush, Jeb’s son, was busted for burglary and criminal mischief in Florida when he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house and drove his Ford Explorer across the home’s front lawn. George P. avoided arrest.


John "Jebby" Bush, Jr. was caught by the police, literally, with his pants down in a parking lot, having sex with a teen-age girl. No charges were filed


Jenna Bush got busted for using a fake ID to buy booze. After doing some community service, her charges where dropped by the Court of Texas.


Noelle Bush was arrested at Walgreens on a charge of prescription fraud, attempting to obtain Xanax but soon released from rehabilitation to the custody of her parents. A judge dismissed the drug charges against her. Enquirer reports that Jeb Bush covered up three other prescription fraud incidents. Does anyone seriously think that, if Ms. Bush had been a young, black person, she wouldn't now be languishing behind bars for the next several years for multiple drug violations?



 @drakemallard are bringing up kids and their antics. Nice. Try doing the same for, gee, the Kennedy's. You'd find one esteemed drunk ex-Senator drove a woman into a lake, killing her.

drakemallard topcommenter

 @swilsonreed  george bush jr avoided criminal charges when he went awol from the NatlGuard. What a family. Haven't we all had enough of them? WHY won't they leave us alone? They've stolenenough money to last them into the Third Millennium. Now, go in peace. Either that, or face charges in The Hague.”

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