Titans Obliterate Dolphins 37-3 for Worst Home Loss Since 1968

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via Deadspin
So how good do you feel about Jeff Ireland and the Dolphins' talent level today?

Two weeks after a convincing victory over a floundering Jets team, the Dolphins are 4-5 and facing "must win" scenarios for most of their remaining seven games in order to salvage the season after getting completely blown out by a mediocre Titans team at home by a score of 37-3.

As we told you Friday, this was a classic "trap game" that would have had Dave Wannstedt hanging lobster traps from the locker room ceiling. Furthermore, the pass defense was epically shitty once again and Chris Johnson was all that and a bag of chips against our (previously) No. 3-ranked run defense. But that was not the worst thing we faced yesterday: it was the sad cockpunch of facing the facts about these Dolphins when they cannot get out of their own way.

The Dolphins have been narrowly escaping the reality of their situation in 2012: they are a young team with promising talent in a few areas but the overwhelming lack of talent and depth throughout the roster will not be enough against a good chunk of teams -- especially if the Dolphins fall behind early and are forced to get out of their comfort zone. You'd like to chalk up this game to simply being "a bad day" but as was clearly evident to anyone not a zombie, the Dolphins are -- yet again -- hurtling toward the oblivion of yet ANOTHER 6-10, 7-9 season. The purgatory of being a Dolphins fan has always been this: not good enough to be a playoff contender and not fantastically shitty enough to get anyone that could make a real impact in the draft.

Some highlights:

- This was an absolutely DREADFUL game for young Ryan Tannehill. Tannyboy was 23-of-39 for 217 yards, which doesn't sound bad until you include the turtle farts of three interceptions including a pick-six returned FORTY-NINE yards for a touchdown by Titans linebacker, Colin McCarthy. Before yesterday, Tannehill had thrown 107 passes without an interception -- a streak of six weeks straight -- but he was straight up rhino vagina yesterday. Here's hoping he bounces back during this short week just as he did after his forgettable Texans debut.

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