Those New Florida Plates Suck, So We Made Our Own. Vote For Your Favorite!

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Design 3: "Florida: The Hold-Your-Breath-on-Election-Night State."
Admit it. It was pretty funny watching the rest of the country have an aneurysm as it feared Florida would again decide the presidential race. Our ignominious voting history is one Florida's defining traits. So let's celebrate our inability to master the insanely complicated task of filling in bubbles on a piece of paper with this plate. Just know that your vote for this design will probably be lost or left in a box in a Broward elections office.


Design 4: "Florida: Cuba's 16th Province."
In the rest of the United States, there aren't enough Cubans to start a baseball team. In Miami, there are so many Cubanos you could form your own league. To that end, we commemorate our role as Latin America's Taiwan and stick it to Fidel in the process.

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No big deal, it'll cost the same regardless of what it looks like. Instead of getting just a sticker, you'll get both the sticker and plate. I understand the reason is so that the toll by plate roads can pick up your license plate more easily. They are losing money by not being able to accurately read the license plates.

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