Those New Florida Plates Suck, So We Made Our Own. Vote For Your Favorite!

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Design 5: "Florida: Proud Home of Bat Boy."
You might have noticed that our governor, the esteemed Richard Scott, bears a passing resemblance to a certain supermarket tabloid icon. Bat Boy -- or to use his full name, Batthew Boy -- has been busy these past 20 years. He has terrorized children, run for governor in California, helped U.S. forces find Saddam Hussein, and bitten Santa Claus. But in his old age, he has retired to Florida to become an incompetent public official, and it's high time we honor him.

So what do you say? Pick your favorite in our poll and we'll pull some strings at the DMV to make this happen.

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No big deal, it'll cost the same regardless of what it looks like. Instead of getting just a sticker, you'll get both the sticker and plate. I understand the reason is so that the toll by plate roads can pick up your license plate more easily. They are losing money by not being able to accurately read the license plates.

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