2012 In Weird Florida Crime and Drugs: Part Three of the WTF Florida Awards

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The Nancy Reagan Award for Providing Perfect Examples Why You Should "Just Say No" to Drugs
You say no to drugs, these Floridians can't.
The nominees:
  • Jerek L. Evans for setting up a mini-meth lab in the passenger seat of a car and causing an explosion that killed the driver. [Source]
  • Ariosto Wyman, a 300 pound, one legged drug dealer, for attempting to hop away from police. [source]
  • Sara Barnes for smoking meth inside of Florida's oldest tree and accidentally burning it down. [source]
  • Stephen Tilburry for shooting himself in the head to wake up from a bad shroom trip. [source]

And the winner is: Sara Barnes
"The Senator", a 3,500-year-old, 118 ft. high bald cypress in Winter Park was Florida's oldest tree until it crossed paths with Barnes. She regularly went by the tree at night to do drugs, and decided to light a fire one night so she could see what drugs she was doing. The fire eventually brought down the tree and Barnes took photos of it on her phone but didn't bother to tell anyone until an anonymous tip brought her to justice. Police found meth in her home.

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