2012 In Weird Florida Crime and Drugs: Part Three of the WTF Florida Awards

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Special Achievement in Robbery
Like all nominees, these Floridians are also stealing our state's otherwise sterling reputation from us.
The nominees:
  • Fake Barack Obama for robbing a McDonald's in a Barack Obama mask. [source]
  • Cedrick Mitchell for dropping his gun during an attempted motel robbery and then buying it back form his victims for $40. [source]
  • Cody Conner for attempting to rob a porn store, but then getting convinced to fill out a job application. [source]
  • Mellisa Mansfield for stealing a car, and getting caught because she pulled over to take a poop on the side of I-95. [source]

And the winner is: Cody Conner
If you're going to attempt an armed robbery, you better make sure you're committed to it. This 17-year-old tried to rob Cupid's Corner in Debary, but a store clerk managed to talk him out of it and even got him to fill out an employment application. Of course, she promptly turned over the application, with all of Conner's identifying details, to police.

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