2012 in Weird Florida Politics: Part One of the WTF Florida Awards

Welcome to the first annual WTF Florida Awards ceremony. It's the only award show celebrating the special brand of bizarre depravity we excel at down here in the Sunshine State. Black tie isn't required. In fact, jorts and a NASCAR cap are preferred.

We'll be giving away awards in four categories all week, and today we start with politics.

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Outstanding Achievement in Campaign Stupidity
This past twelve months was truly a staggering display of stupidity on the campaign trail by Florida politicos. From a guy who changed his name to his campaign website to bogus ringer candidates paid in envelopes of cash to cocaine smugglers holding campaign rallies, here are your nominees:

Thumbnail image for davidrivera.jpg
And the winner is: Rep. David Rivera
Novelists couldn't come up with a more bizarre political thriller than this. Rivera's reputation for shady behavior was threatening his reelection chances, so what does he do? Allegedly try to pull off his shadiest stunt yet. His "good friend" Ana Sol Alliegro allegedly ran the campaign of Justin "Lamar" Sternad in the Democratic primary apparently solely to attack eventual Dem nominee Joe Garcia. Sternad has now told the FBI that Rivera was behind the whole affair that involved race-baiting flyers paid for by envelopes full of cash, and went by the codename of "The Gangster." Oh, yeah, and Alliegro turned up missing and still hasn't been found. Suffice it to say, Rivera did not win.

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