2012 in Weird Florida Politics: Part One of the WTF Florida Awards

Sex Scandal of the Year:
No one does sex scandals like the Sunshine State. This year saw allegations of GOP operatives carting golf carts full of hookers around the Bahamas, lesbian flings by top Republicans and porn-y sex letters. The nominees:

And the winner is: Allen West
Listen, we still have no idea if the letter West allegedly sent his wife is actually authentic, but if not, it read as one of the most bizarre bits of political satire this year. While serving in Afghanistan, West made bizarre demands of his wife to be his "personal porn star," get a "pussy ring," and have her "hot mouth suck my dick and have warm cum fill your mouth and drip down your chin." That's just the tip of the particularly explicit iceberg.

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Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

You guys are so biased it is boring/

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