Arrest Made in Halloween Murder at Taverna Opa

Revelry turned to tragedy this past Halloween at Taverna Opa in Mary Brickell Village when a man in a red devil mask punched another man so hard it eventually lead to his death. Two months later, Miami police have now arrested Sagy Shachar for the deadly attack.

According to NBC Miami, Shachar, 30, allegedly got in an argument with the victim, 40-year-old Patrick Shane Prevatte. The two started shouting at each other, and the argument escalated until they both started shoving each other. Then Shachar unleashed a punch that sent Prevatte to the ground.

Prevatte, by then unconscious, was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he later died.

Prevatte had just moved to Miami from Tampa for a new job, and. according to his mother, had just got news of a promotion.

Originally police were looking for a man in a white mask, but then determined the assailant was actually wearing a red devil mask which lead to their arrest of Shacar.

Shacar has been charged with second-degree murder.

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This article is a fucking joke. It's labeled Halloween Murder, sorry but how is an argument that turns to a shoving match and results in a punch being thrown a murder? He didn't intend to murder him with a punch... manslaughter maybe but the details are so scarce, who was the agressor? Who shoved who first? Maxmcgirt you're a fucking idiot for passing judgement on someone based upon their looks.


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@MiamiNewTimes this asshole looks like a prick. I'm glad he's gonna rot in prison

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