The World's Most Tasteful Car: A Porsche Covered in Britto

Categories: Road Rage
Sometimes we get sick of being mean all the time. So, we're going to pretend we have nice things to say about this. 

Miami's premier artist Romero Britto has created a wonderfully beautiful and tasteful special edition Porsche roadster that will be roaming the streets of Miami this weekend. 

Champion Porsche of Pompano Beach, Florida, choses an artist every year to lend their aesthetic to a car. Britto, of course, is always eager to share his work with the world through whatever corporate branding means possible. We are all truly blessed he's graced this 997 Speedster with his unique vision. 

Look at this sophisticated automobile! 
Who wouldn't want to be spotted in this?

We certainly hope this doesn't crash into any of Britto's other work. That would be a damned tragedy. 


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