Dwyane Wade Gets One-Game Suspension for That Kick to the Nuts

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Dwyane Wade will sit out one game without pay after the NBA reviewed an incident in the Heat's game against the Charlotte Bobcats in which Wade apparently kicked Ramon Sessions in the nuts. Wade will serve the suspension tonight while his team takes on the Detroit Pistons.

"I thought he did it on purpose, and it wasn't called," Sessions said after the game.

Sessions ended up getting called for a foul, while initially Wade's infraction went uncalled.

"I'm far from being a dirty player + my intent was never 2 kick Ramon Sessions," Wade tweeted Thursday night in reaction to the suspension. "I just reacted to the contact that I got from him.... More than anything, I think of my boys watchin me be4 retaliating 2ward any player. Im moving 4ward + ready 2 get back on the court in MIL."

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James Nall
James Nall

This is such BS. He did NOT intentionally kick the guy in the nuts. He was off balance, stuck his leg out to regain his balance and unfortunately his leg came into contact with the other players groin. Look at the damn film.


He's free to ride Critical Mass tonight! "@MiamiNewTimes: Dwyane Wade Suspended 1 Game for That Kick to the Nuts http://t.co/NdhJCrYp " #Win


He's free to ride Critical Mass tonigh! "@MiamiNewTimes: Dwyane Wade Suspended One Game for That Kick to the Nuts http://t.co/NdhJCrYp" #Win

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