Key West Principal Commits Suicide at Pembroke Pines Gun Range

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Adri Anna Stewart, the principal of Key West Collegiate Academy, committed suicide yesterday at a Pembroke Pines gun range. The incident happened at about 2 p.m.

According to the Miami Herald, Stewart had been the principal at the Stock Island charter school since last summer, and had previously worked at several schools throughout South Florida.

Stewart was only 30 years old.

After she shot herself at the Pembroke Gun and Range at 3130 SW 19th St, she was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Her death has officially been ruled a suicide.

KeysNet notes that she left a note behind for her family.

Stewart talks about her school and her experience in education in this video:

A few former students have left tribute comments on the video.
"This is so sad to watch. I'm 21 going on 22 now," wrote one. "She was my Spanish teacher back at Pioneer Middle School. Now she's gone."

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Didn't know her but hope she rests in peace....


 No matter what people say no one knew your pain. Hope that miserable person that scarred your life wont live in peace for the rest of his life. Hope his daughter doesn’t end up the same way or worse. RIP Adri


this is very sad a young lady with a good career and very beutiful may she rest in peace.


She was an amazing individual. A great counselor and advisor in my high school. She made sure you got to some sort of College. These people need to be celebrated, honored, and most of all remembered. RIP Stewy  


James, you pathetic waste of life. I'll bet you my life she didn't 'bang' any student throughout her career. To speak so disrespectfully of the deceased proves not only your ignorance but that of whoever attempted to raise you.

You disgust people. Yes, you're that person.


First of all, you would not be "banging" anyone because she had way to much class to associate with anyone that has nothing better to do than post offensive comments online about people that they don't know. Second of all, have some respect!!! She meant a lot to a lot of people and the last thing they need right now is some scum bag slandering her name. F'ck off!!!

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