Mugshots Friday: Dolphins Fans and Your Crying Aunt

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Arrested: 12/24
Charged With: battery
You never want to mess with a girl like this. Because if she doesn't care about her hair, she sure as hell doesn't care about the repercussions of beating your ass.

Latest Dade County Arrests.jpg
Arrested: 12/14
Chard With: Drinking in public
It's so sad when you see what could be such a glorious, epic mustache go without the proper care and grooming it so clearly deserves.

Arrested: 12/13
Charged With: Robbery, Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Battery on a police officer and trespassing.
This is the haircut of the lead singer of a '90s house revival electro band. This is the haircut of Rihanna's makeup artist. This is the hair of a Project Runway contestant who gets kicked off in the second episode. This is not the haircut one typically expects of an armed robber, and yet...

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The last photo - the oven blew up while Wendy was working in the kitchen at her Wendy's restaurant....soot everywhere.

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