Mugshots Friday: Dolphins Fans and Your Crying Aunt

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Arrested: 12/16
Charged With: Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest
You know this lady is totally pissed because this arrest will probably get her fired as the spokesmodel for Kool Aid's new line of hair dye. Oh ...noooooooo!

Arrested: 12/18
Charged With: battery
This looks like a crying aunt. This is what your aunt looks likes crying. Everyone has an aunt who cries and looks like this.

Arrested: 12/17
Charged With: burglary, battery on the elderly, petit theft and criminal mischief.
I believe this expression can be legally submitted to a court of law as a guilty plea. There's no way this face expresses anything other than "Well, I screwed up and you got me."

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The last photo - the oven blew up while Wendy was working in the kitchen at her Wendy's restaurant....soot everywhere.

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