Mugshots Friday, Year-in-Review Edition: 2012 Was Pretty Damn Bloody

Categories: Mugshots Friday
Arrested: 4/16
Charged with: Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
Technically, there's not that much blood on this guy. But Ay caramba! Just look at the pain in his face.

Arrested: 10/13
Charged with: Battery, false imprisonment
This guy, on the other hand, feels nothing. We're not even sure if that's his blood. Wait, is that the number 50 on his cheek? Oh, hell. He's just a Joel Anthony fan.

Arrested: 11/8
Charged with: Assaulting a police officer
Bandages? Check. Dripping blood? Check. Thoroughly concussed thousand-mile stare? Check. And this dude barely made the top five? Damn, Miami. You were downright violent this year.

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