Miami New Times Best Investigations of 2012: A Wrongly Charged Boxer, Corrupt Mayors and Bogus Pot Busts

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Bosco Enriquez Was Beaten and Raped After Helping Miami Cops Bust Latin Gangs
In the shadowy world of snitches, Bosco Enriquez was one of the most useful to Miami police, dangerously using his ties to the deadly International Posse as a 15-year-old. But editor Chuck Strouse's three-part series (which continues here and here) showed how police abandoned the teenager to brutal beatings, prison rapes and deportation after he was no longer useful.

Cheaters Prosper at Calder Race Course
Michael E. Miller's investigation of one of Florida's premiere race tracks painted an ugly picture of the modern horse racing industry: The tracks most-winning jockey had been busted dozens of times for doping his horses and lawsuits alleged mass fixes by owners and trainers, and a federal case sent two men to prison over a $5 million fraud at the course.

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