Miami New Times Best Investigations of 2012: A Wrongly Charged Boxer, Corrupt Mayors and Bogus Pot Busts

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Murder-Suicide in the Keys Unravels a Doctor's Decades-Long Mystery
When an elderly man named Glen Tucker killed his wife, Virginia, his cat and then himself in their Florida Keys home, most everyone thought it was a typically sad end-of-life murder-suicide. But managing editor Tim Elfrink's piece found that Tucker had hidden a deep secret from all his neighbors: He'd once been one of Wisconsin's most prominent plastic surgeons, but faked his own death and fled to the Keys decades ago to run from accusations of brutal malpractice.

Otis Wallace, Florida City's "Mayor For Life," Is Corrupt With Power
For decades, Otis Wallace -- the long-serving mayor of Florida City -- has been one of South Florida's political constants. But as Michael E. Miller's investigation showed, Wallace's long term in office corrupted him into a multi-millionaire landowner in one of Dade's poorest towns, accused of rigging elections, engineering shady land deals and even kicking his own sister out of their deceased mother's home.

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