Panamanian Woman Busted Smuggling Three Pounds of Cocaine In Breast Implants

via Wikimedia Commons
Congratulations, cocaine smugglers. You've successfully moved the War on Drugs from island-hopping airplanes to Caribbean submarines to the most daring transportation method yet: Huge breast implants.

A Panamanian woman flying out of Bogota, Colombia has been arrested in Spain after cops became suspicious of her fresh boob job. They eventually found three pounds of yeyo inside her ta-tas.

The woman, whose name has not been released, drew the suspicion of customs in Spain with the "blood stained gauze" stretched across her chest, the AP reports. When police further investigated, they found "pale patches" beneath her skin.

Police were suspicious of her story that she'd gotten breast implants just before flying into the country, so they sent her to a local hospital.

Doctors there quickly noticed something was wrong, and removed the implants.

Inside: Three pounds of cocaine.

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Roberto Lopez Bujan
Roberto Lopez Bujan

Not a great hiding place. Every dude will be both looking, and trying to search, that hiding location.

Nomejodas Pleez
Nomejodas Pleez

lol there was a TV Novela called "Sin Senos; No Hay Paraiso" and the whole concept of the show was this exact thing! lol

Tony Miller
Tony Miller

3lbs. Is that total weight or were they 3lbs a piece? I bet TSA agents were fighting over her @ the airport.

Mercy Mercy-Me
Mercy Mercy-Me

They prob use some of the cocaine to numb the incisions

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