Assault Rifle Carnage Is All Too Familiar In African-American Inner-City Neighborhoods

Alex Izaguirre
Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. Today, Luke reflects on the parallels between the Newtown massacre and the daily carnage in African-American communities.

I'm saddened by the senseless murder of 20 kids and eight adults at Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday. As an African-American who's seen too many innocent children gunned down by assault rifles in drive-by shootings, I feel Newtown's pain.

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For decades, gangbangers in Overtown, Liberty City, and other poor, predominantly black neighborhoods have relied on assault rifles, like the Bushmaster .223 rifle used by mass murderer Adam Lanza, to wreak havoc.

Between 2005 and 2006, 24 people under the age of 18 were gunned down in Miami-Dade County, including Sherdavia Jenkins, a 9-year-old girl from Liberty City struck down by a stray bullet from a high-powered rifle. It hasn't stopped.

In April, a drive-by at a North Miami Beach funeral home left two men dead and 12 others wounded, including a 5-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy. Four months later, gunmen fatally shot 29-year-old Angelese Ladson and her unborn child in Miami Gardens. In between, 16-year-old Ron Jones was assassinated in Liberty City.

If the government can allow parents to block cable TV channels and websites to prevent kids from accessing adult content, and Gov. Rick Scott can tell people to pee in a cup to get food stamps, why is it so difficult to enact gun control laws?

Scott and other governors should require anyone who wants to buy a gun to submit to a drug and mental health test to prove they are competent to own firearms.

President Obama should be leading the charge to bring back the assault rifle ban that Bill Clinton championed and George W. Bush allowed to expire. No gun owner, whether interested in home defense or hunting, needs a machine gun that can cut a deer or a human in half.

The victims at Sandy Hook did not die in vain. In the African-American community, they are our heroes. Their deaths have finally shamed every politician, including Obama, who turned a blind eye to the proliferation of guns in our streets. The mainstream media is finally shining light on the obscene profits made by the companies making the assault rifles that have been cutting down kids in Liberty City and Overtown for decades.

That's why I feel Newtown's pain.

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kirkslade1 topcommenter

Luke and Al Sharpton are both drowning. You have one life preserver. What do you do?


This article uses the same liberal punch lines - assault rifles, predominately black, poor, gun control- as all these others to make a senseless statement to stop crime. Violent crime in so-called poor, black hoods are going to happen regardless if guns are used or not. Most of the guns used in crimes are stolen anyway. So that kills your point of having drug and mental health. People who commit violent crimes are going to be evil regardless if any permits are required. I lived in both Liberty City and Miami Gardens and please believe me people who commit violent crimes will find other ways to hurt, kill and pillage without using so-called assault rifles. What needs to be enacted is 'Anger Control.' One way would be to solicit more men to become mentors. Not just coaching football team, which leaves out kids who are good at the sport, but helping kids with homework in viable subjects like math, science and reading comprehension, and writing. Also, counsel young people on abstinence. Underage sex leads to underage pregnancies. Miami Dade sheriff did a survey on people who commited violent crimes in said areas and found most felons come from single women households.


Oh look, another shit article by Luke.  Dude, check your facts.

Lets start.

- "High-powered machine gun."  Machine guns are not exactly common, cost thousands of dollars to obtain, and are HEAVILY regulated.  The media and "writers" can't seem to distinguish between a semi-automatic firearm, a machine gun, and a revolver, but there IS a difference.  What weapon did that criminal use to gun down the little girl?  He most likely used a semi-automatic AK variant WHICH WERE STILL AVAILABLE DURING THE "ASSAULT" WEAPON BAN.  The ban in and of itself was bullshit.  For the most part, it "banned" certain firearms based on cosmetic features.  So much for that curbing violence.

- Regarding those other horrible shootings you mentioned...  How many of them were committed by criminals who shouldn't have had a firearm in the first place?  How many of them involved "assault" rifles.

- "Now that 20 children in Connecticut were cut to pieces by the same choppers..."  That's cute.  "Choppers"?  Still think you're a rapper?  At least use the term correctly.  Chopper = AK-47.

- "President Barack Obama should be leading the charge to bring back the assault rifle ban Bill Clinton championed and George W. Bush got rid of. No gun owner, whether it's for home defense or hunting, needs a machine gun that can cut a deer or a human in half."  This is full of so much fail.  Again, you're an idiot.  For one thing, the AWB ("Assault" Weapon Ban) was enacted with the 10 year expiration in mind.  I've called you out on this several times, but you're too stupid to comprehend or you simply don't give a shit when you get called out.  Bush said he would renew it if Congress presented the bill to him, but it never was and it simply expired.  HE DID NOT GET RID OF IT.  Again, MACHINE GUNS are heavily regulated.  You can't just go down to the gun store, gun show, or privately buy one from one day to the next.  It takes paperwork, deep pockets, and sometimes months of waiting.

- "Scott and governors in other states should enact laws requiring anyone who wants to buy a gun to submit to a drug and mental health test to prove they are competent to own firearms of mass destruction."  Uh sure buddy.  How many of the perps in the shootings you mentioned were even legally allowed to own firearms?  Tell me, how would this have stopped them?

- "It's wrong to allow a woman with a mentally disturbed child to own guns and take him to the shooting range."  THAT was a failure of her own.  She should have had the firearms properly secured.  She didn't and it turned into a nightmare.

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