Vote For Miami's Worst Cop of 2012

Manuel Orosa: Miami

Current status: On duty

Why he is the worst: When he was a Miami police sergeant in 1988, Orosa supervised a six-cop squad who brutally beat a drug dealer named Leonardo Mercado to death. A subsequent internal affairs investigation found that Orosa failed preserve evidence in the case and he was suspended with pay in 1989. Yet in 2011 he was tapped to replace then-embattled police chief Miguel Exposito.

Orosa hasn't fared any better. Embarrassed by a Sun Sentinel investigative series on cops who drove off duty at excessive speeds, Orosa finally cracked down on traffic law breaking officers on his police force. The Sun Sentinel stories, published in February, used SunPass toll records to determine how fast cops were driving and found almost 800 hit speeds above 90 mph in a 13-month period. Miami officers were among the worst speeders, driving up to 55 mph over the speed limit outside city limits.

Meanwhile, a string of dirty cops have been busted by federal law enforcement authorities since Orosa became chief. The first to go down was Roberto Asanza, an undercover narcotics detective who pled guilty earlier this year to misdemeanor drug charges and received one year of probation after he was busted in June 2011. A year earlier, FBI agents found 10 bags of cocaine and two bags of marijuana Asanza had stolen from an Allapattah drug dealer.

Asanza agreed to cooperate against his supervisor, Sgt. Raul Iglesias, an 18-year veteran who was indicted in July for planting cocaine on suspect, stole drugs and money from dealers, and lied to federal investigators. The Miami Police Department, with roughly 1,100 sworn officers, has seen numerous officers suspended and fired in recent years because of their involvement in criminal activity, from ripping off drugs and money from dealers to fencing contraband such as stolen Bluetooth headsets.

Earlier this month, the Miami Herald reported -- based on information first broken by blogger Al Crespo -- that at least a half-dozen Miami police officers have been targeted by the FBI for their alleged roles in providing protection for a Liberty City sports gambling operation that was uncovered more than a year ago, Arrests of at least six -- and possibly more -- Miami officers are expected early next year, according to authorities.

Since Orosa took over the top job, the Miami Police department hasn't seen so many scandals since the infamous River cops case of the 1980s.

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Hang them all from streetlights...and hang Katherine Fernandez Rundle, too !!!


Frank's reflogging of the excellent reporting by Crespo & TheStrawBuyer raises important questions:

(1) why do our local top cops have such trouble following the law?

(2) why do our city managers have such trouble keeping these jokers in check before they cross the line into criminal activity?

(3) why won't State Atty Fernandez Rundle beat the crap out of these bozos?

(4) why are the Herald and New Times no longer the FIRST places we read about these cops-turned-crooks?  


I have to agree with Al Crespo. You guys dropped the ball when you overlooked Javi Ortiz and his side  kick Lugo.


Hey Frank,

What happened to accuracy in reporting?  Contrary to your claims that the Miami Herald broke the story about the dirty cops in Miami, I'm the one who really broke the story on December 7th.  In fact, I wrote 2 stories - December 7th and 10th - before the Herald did a story.

And when it comes to dirty cops in Miami, no list an be complete without the inclusion of Edward Lugo and his pal Javier Ortiz.  In fact not only did I write 5 stories this year about Lugo, and/or Lugo and Ortiz, by my first story in 2013 is going to be about this duo.

Where did all the love go for you Number 1 Political Blogger, Frank? I give you guys credit anytime I reference one of your stories, yet you all at New Times not only don't give the bloggers credit for the stories they break, but you all cherry pick stories and info from blogs around town without giving credit.

I think that New Times and the Miami Herald need to make a New Year's Resolution to change this bad behavior in 2013.  How about you all having a staff meeting on January 2nd and agreeing to the following resolution:  This year, New Times will show respect and integrity in our reporting by crediting the bloggers who wrote the original stories. We will not rip off their content, or pretend they don't exist when we think it's convenient to do so.

Happy New Year,

al crespo                                                                                                                                         The Crespogram Report


#MustFollow ====> @MiamiNewTimes


@al004 you're right on Al it's not even worth submitting story breaking tips. At least Crime-stoppers will pay for good tips these folks not only won't credit but STEAL IT TOO attributing themselves. FAIL NEW TIMES you used to be better than that

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